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Defined Contribution Plans

Defined contribution plans take on many forms but all establish an account for each participant. The employer makes contributions to each participant's account which is also credited with the actual return on the assets in the plan. More >

Defined Benefit Plans
Both traditional defined benefit plans and cash balance plans are required to offer payment of any employee's benefit in the form of a series of payments for life. More >

Actuarial & Consulting
We partner with Third Party Administrators, Certified Public Accountants, and financial professionals to offer plan administration and actuarial services. Based on your needs and capabilities, we can tailor our services from full administration and actuarial to third party actuarial review only. More >

Social Security Claiming Strategies
Social Security is a key component of retirement income so it is important to have a plan to optimize benefits available to you. We analyze all possible claiming strategies based on your primary benefit amount, life expectancy and marital status. By selecting an optimal strategy, you could potentially increase your Social Security benefit amount substantially over your lifetime. More >

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